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Easy banana bread recipe

Easy banana bread recipe

This banana bread has been the most well-liked recipe on Basically Recipes for above 10 a long time. Countless numbers of folks make it each day. Why?

Since it genuinely is the best banana bread recipe, period. You can mix every little thing in one bowl, you can differ the volume of sugar or bananas. And the mystery to its wonderful taste? Melted butter.

The beauty of this banana bread recipe is you don’t want a fancy mixer! A mixing bowl, a fork to whisk the eggs and a durable spoon to combine the batter are all you need to have. The sugar sum is versatile. The original recipe known as for a cup of white sugar, but most individuals, which includes me, do just fine with 3/four of a cup, and numerous are satisfied with a one/2 cup.

You can toss in a cup of chopped nuts, raisins, or chocolate chips if you want, or place the batter into muffin tins and make banana nut muffins instead. You can even go a stage additional and make chocolate banana bread.

I was given this banana bread recipe years back from my good friend Heidi H, who, numerous several years prior to, had begged the recipe from a ski buddy’s mother—Mrs. Hockmeyer. Thanks Heidi!

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