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5 Things the Best Chinese Restaurants Have in Common

Finding good Chinese food is often a haphazard proposition. Those planning to open a Chinese restaurant should know some of the qualities that make a good Chinese restaurant. This information will help them in formulating a plan of action, and help to make sure that the restaurant earns a good reputation. Alternatively, if planning isn’t your forte, try a VSAG restaurant business plan. If you are going it alone though, here are five qualities to consider:

Specialize in a certain regional cuisine

Chinese cuisine is also often misunderstood. Often when people think of Chinese food, they think of eggrolls, fried rice, lo mein noodles, and sweet and sour chicken. Like most ethnic food, this type is actually much more complex. The different styles that are available can appease a wide variety of palates. The restaurants that earn high marks in New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver are the ones that specialize in one type of cuisine, whether it is Cantonese, Szechuan, Shanghai, Peking or Hunan.

Consistency can even make buffets impressive

Most Americans are familiar with foods that come from restaurants that are like the McDonald’s of the Chinese restaurant industry. The food often comes frozen or premade from a restaurant supplier. The restaurant cook simply reheats it and tosses into a take-out container or into a buffet serving pan. Many buffets serve this type. It is imperative to manage one well and to offer food that is prepared in a consistent manner.

Fastidious cleanliness goes a long way

Even little holes-in-the-wall can be impressive, and they are often rated with good remarks from pleased diners. Customers highly value a clean and pleasant place to dine. Immaculate dishes and cutlery, well-groomed staff and well-maintained bathrooms give a good impression that makes people feel safe about eating food prepared on such premises. If these areas are lacking, even the best food in the world cannot make up for it.

Flexibility wins customer loyalty

Good Chinese restaurants are willing to work with customers in order to meet special requests. Vegetarians are an increasing share of restaurant business and most of them do not want a single speck of meat or meat products in their food. Offer a vegetarian menu and make certain that no animal fat, broth or gelatin is used in the preparation of items from that menu.

Nixing the MSG shows a commitment to customer health

MSG, or monosodium glutamate, is almost never used in real Chinese cooking. Its use as a flavor enhancer has been under a lot of scrutiny over the years due to the effects that it has on some people who ingest it. It makes them dizzy, lethargic, and causes headaches. Most of the best restaurants assure their patrons that their food is free of MSG.

The restaurant business is not easy and many new ones fail within a few years of opening. Those who make certain that they can earn a good reputation at the start have a better chance of surviving. It seems that Chinese restaurants are on every corner in some places, so it is crucial to stand out for all of the right reasons.