5 Asian Beverages You Must Try

Asian cuisine is vibrant and captivating, and that is why the Western palate is looking eastward for inspiration. If you are into beverages, there are lots of options waiting for you west of the Pacific. If you must, here are our top picks for best Asian beverages that you should try.


Yakult is like yogurt. It is milk with a culture of bacteria, lactobacillus to be exact. This dairy cultured drink is being drunk by millions of Asians each day. The packaging says that each bottle of Yakult has five billion active lactobacilli that aid in the digestion. It is the poster child of Asian probiotics, even before the term became a household name. The drink improves nutrient absorption and helps boost the immune system.

Pearl Milk Tea

Pearl Milk Tea is indigenous to Taiwan which has spread internationally. It is also known in some circles as Bubble Tea. This tea originated in the tea shops of Taichung which comes in different flavors most of which are fruit based. The staples are Almond Milk Tea and Honey Green Milk Tea. The milk is mixed with tea with tapioca balls hence the name bubble.

Fresh Coconut Juice

You can find this beverage anywhere in tropical Asia. Fresh Coconut juice is perhaps the safest form of beverage in the planet. The water inside the coconut remained untouched by the elements until the coconut is opened. Coconut water is known for its electrolytes which hydrates the body better than water! It is great as a detox beverage that helps the digestion and is beneficial to treat symptoms of urinary and kidney diseases.

Sago’t Gulaman

Sago’t Gulaman is the Philippines’ answer to Bubble Tea. It is peddled in the streets as a thirst quencher especially during the dry months from March to early November. Sago or tapioca balls are added to a mix of water, milk and sugar. What sets the sago’t gulaman from the Bubble Tea is the absence of tea from the list of ingredients. Aside from tapioca balls it also has diced gulaman related to gelatine which is actually dried seaweed that is used to make flan or jellies.

Vietnamese Filter Coffee

Chocolaty, strong and thick these are the adjectives that are used to describe the Vietnamese Filter Coffee. Served using a small cup, the coffee is perfect for anyone who wants to unwind and spend lazy afternoons in the streets of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. This beverage was introduced during the French colonization era which has become a staple in Vietnamese modern life. Western countries have imported this coffee as gourmet but in Vietnam you can sample the real deal each day with a fraction of the cost.

If you want to sample the drinks Asia has to offer, drink it with an open mind. You will soon capture the essence of Asia through the drinks. The drinks reek of health benefits that will surely make your time worthwhile.

This was a guest post provided to us by Ashlee Harsh. She is from the website How Much Is It — A large resource of over 2,300 cost helping guides.

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