Best Appetizers With Your Cheese

We all use cheese in our day to day recipes. As far as it comes to using different types of cheese in assorted recipes, we all are all cheese-savvy. However we lack to appreciate the taste of having cheese as a piece of appetizer. Cheese is eaten rarely on its own. Pairing cheese with Continental recipesaccompaniments is an art of a Maitre Fromage, meaning cheese expert or cheese master.

In ancient times, cheese was accompanied with every food item like fruits, wine, side salad and more. This pattern is still followed by the Royal families and people following their traditions. I will highlight some of the best ways to eat cheese with appetizers that will leave your taste buds tempting.

Cheese and Salad

Toss a fresh summer salad with some goat cheese croutons and be ready for a distinct taste. The best way to make this salad is to throw together some romaine lettuce, garden rocket plant, green grapes, beet shreds (roasted), small shallot, Dijon mustard, purple cabbage, fresh parsley and olive oil. For the goat cheese croutons, take cheese cubes. Dip them in olive oil. Make a mix of bread crumbs and nuts and cover the cubes with this mixture. Heat it lightly and place it in a saucer. Your salad accompaniment is ready to serve.

Cheese and Stuffed Mushroom

For the stuffed mushrooms, hand pick Portobello mushrooms and cut the stem. Chop onions and tomatoes. Add soy sauce and a little vinegar to it. Mix all the ingredients well. One can add any meat you want in the mix. Now brush oil on the mushroom caps and heat it on low flame. Put the mixture on the cap with some mozzarella cheese and bake it. Your stuffed mushrooms are now ready to serve hot with gorgonzola cheese cubes as accompaniment. This combo goes well with Sauvignon or Port Wine.

Cheese and Crackers

You can create a whole cheeseboard of various appetizers with crackers. Take your favorite shaped cheeseboard. I chose broad spatula shape. Place a knife, fork and a spoon on a side. Some cheeseboards come with inbuilt cutlery. A cheeseboard will have with diverse flavors and multi-cheese options. Choose a soft, semi hard and hard cheese to place on the board. Cut circles of cheese slices to set it on the crackers. Cut grapes into small rounds and place one portion on each cracker for the tangy and sweet taste. Place bits of walnut around the hard cheese. Position the crackers in a round shape. Cut apple into half and place it on the board near the semi hard cheese. Put a garlic cheese dip and set sausages cut into pieces. Your cheeseboard is ready. Serve with young crispy wine.

Cheese and Apple Pie

Apple pie recipes are vivid and depend on individual preferences. Bake your favorite recipe of apple pie and place a portion on a plate. Cut a piece of cheddar cheese and position it besides the pie. Put a walnut and cheese dip and your plate is prepared.

Cheese and Cake

A freshly baked fruit cake with figs and almonds is the best accompaniment with cheese and wine. Cut the cake into slices and set them one on another. Drop some honey on the top. Serve with Gouda cheese or mild Swiss cheese and garnish with frozen grapes.

Anthony Picasse attended culinary school in Paris and devotes his time cooking at their family owned restaurant. He likes trying out new recipes and shares cooking tips to those who ask. At home he usually sticks to continental recipes he can quickly whip up after a long day at work.

Tips for Cooking Tofu – The Fundamental Techniques

Being a vegetarian means you should be familiar with tofu and the many recipes that you can create with it. It seems like yesterday when tofu was considered as the protein for vegetarians and vegans. But as more new information is shared, people slowly learned that tofu is not the only animal-free protein source. These days, there are many protein foods for vegans but, of course, tofu will always be at the very top of the list.

If you love tofu or simply think that you need to learn to cook or prepare it, then here are a few tips that can be of help:

Choose Quality Brands

While there are many different tofu brands in the market these days, this does not mean that you can eat every one of them. Buy only the ones that come from farmer’s markets and some of the local stores.

It is best to try three or more brands before settling for the one that you deem best. Not all tofu was made excellently so be careful.

Buy Extra Firm Tofu

Though silken tofu is used on many recipes, it is better to choose firm tofu for your sauté or baking needs. If you can lay your hands on the extra firm ones then the better. Firmness guarantees that your tofu will not fall apart once you bake or cook it.

Squeeze Out Extra Moisture

It is always advisable to squeeze out the moisture in tofu. Before you even place it in a pan, use some paper towels to wrap each one tightly. Let the tofu squares sit for a while so that all the excess water is soaked up by the towels. There are some chefs who advise that letting the tofu stand overnight is best.

Cook Only In High Heat

Keep in mind that tofu only cooks well if placed in very hot pans. The brown texture is achieved if you heat your pan correctly prior to sautéing.

You may also pan-sauté your tofu in a combination of liquids such as agave syrup, fruit juice, vinegar, maple syrup, lemon juice, orange juice, wine, oils, marinades, miso soup, soy sauce or water. Remember that tofu is pretty much like a sponge – it can soak in the flavorful liquids that you use to cook it with. For added taste, you may also use dried herbs and spices.

Tofu and Salt – They Go Hand in Hand

Tofu will always need to be salted – even just a pinch would do. Use coarse salt at the end of your bake or sauté. Use pepper, too.

If tofu needs salting, then it can also be marinated. With ample time in your hands, you can marinate your tofu for hours or overnight and you can enjoy a spectrum of flavors!

These are just a few of the tofu cooking tips for the vegan you. Tofu need not be plain or dry – with a little creativity, this simple food can go a long way.

About the Author: Diana is a foodie and writer for She likes writing about vegetarian food, gluten-free desserts, and low-calorie cocktails.

Popular Cooking Methods to Give the Dishes Form and Flavor

Braising or baking, boiling or broiling, roasting or grilling, frying or just smoking? Poaching, caramelizing or blanching? Which one would you prefer? Indian food cuisine incorporates different cooking techniques and a variety of masala mixes and curry powder concoctions to bring out the true flavour of a dish and give it the desired texture, consistency and appearance. There are age old traditions that have been in practice for decades and generations after generations, and also the advent of newer techniques that lead the modern chef through undiscovered paths of revelation. Be it in the country of its origin or abroad, it has been appreciated by one and all.

A low down on some of the popular cooking methods:


This refers to a cooking method that incorporates moist as well as dry heat. The fish, meat or vegetables are first fried and then simmered in liquid with the lid on. Examples of such dishes include bhuna gosht, braised cauliflowers and yoghurt braised chicken with cashews and raisins.


This low fat process involves cooking the food, usually in the form of a batter or dough, in an oven. It negates the requirement of oil (or incorporates the use of very little oil) and incorporates the use of prolonged dry heat that acts by convection. Examples of such dishes include spicy paneer and spring onion tartlets, baked Gujarati oondhiya and barbeque baked lentils.


This process refers to cooking food in boiling water and allowing quick vaporization of the liquid. It can be the first or the only step of the cooking process. Boiled rice, boiled and mashed potatoes, boiled vegetables, etc. are all part of this section.


This involves gently cooking the food in liquid (which can be milk, stock or wine) below the boiling point. Examples of such dishes include poached pears, masala tea poached chicken and poached salmon with cucumber raita.


Used for bringing out the flavour by caramelizing the surface of the meat or vegetable, this process refers to cooking the food on a rack, an open flame or in an oven and often used for cooking big chunks/ whole pieces of meat. The roasted varieties include Indian spice roasted cauliflower, tandoori chicken, shiro, etc.


This cooking method refers to the cooking of meat, fish or vegetables in oil, fat or butter. It absorbs a considerable amount of oil/ fat and layers the food with fat and calories. Fried potato wedges, onion bhajis, khasta kachoris, etc fall in this category.

About us – An informal discussion on some of the most popular Indian food cuisine cooking methods, that are clubbed along with a variety of masala mixes and curry powders, to give the dishes form and flavor.


Ingredients for Hamburger

1 Kg ground beef
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup chili sauce
1 tablespoon calamansi juice
1/3 cup ketchup
2 tablespoons red sugar
1 onion, diced

How to Cook Hamburger

1. Mix ground beef, onion and salt in a deep container.
2. From the mixture, creat a ball the size of a child’s hand.
3. Squash and press to make a hamburger patty.
4. Fry or grill.

Ginataang Tilapia

Ingredients for Ginataang Tilapia

6 pcs tilapia, scaled and cleaned
4 heads of garlic, chopped
1 medium onion, cut into eight
1 red pepper, sliced
1 green pepper, sliced
1 small ginger, sliced
2 cups coconut milk
1 cup vinegar

How to Cook Ginataang Tilapia

1. Place the tilapia fish in a pan.
2. Add vinegar and coconut milk.
3. Boil for 5 minutes.
4. Add the onion and green and red chilis.
5. Season with salt.
6. Serve.